For the Scientific & Research Community

We aim to enhance research and development in Kuwait by funding carefully selected scientific research proposals and building the capacity of the research community. We also celebrate scientific achievements by awarding various prizes to Kuwaiti and Arab scientists worldwide. Furthermore, We collaborate with renowned international institutions to facilitate cooperation with local scientists and researchers.


In line with the government’s measures to combat the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVED-19) and contain the spread of the virus within the country and to take the necessary precautions required by such circumstances, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents.

Please note that we apologize for not accepting any request for Scientific Missions until further notice.

KFAS supports scientists, researchers, academics and specialists to engage in scientific missions, giving them the opportunity to present their research findings at high caliber international conferences. This support allows Kuwaitis to continue exchanging knowledge and collaborating on research through various networking opportunities.

How to Apply

Fellowship grants are offered to Kuwaiti scholars, scientists and specialists with accepted papers to give them the opportunity to participate in international or regional conferences, as a way of furthering the exchange of expertise and gaining exposure to the latest developments in their fields. Grants are also awarded to non-Kuwaitis under certain terms and conditions.

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