Rules and regulations for requesting support for scientific missions are listed on the following webpage:

Yes, several opportunities are available across KFAS functions, and you may find those most suitable to you through this website under What We Offer - Training and Development.

Students of all scientific disciples and specializations can apply for the training programs.

You may apply for the training for outstanding graduate programs in scientific disciplines twice a year: in April and in October (applications are open for one month in both cases). Outstanding graduates applying for scholarships may do so once a year (from 1 April until 30 May)

Provided that you submit a complete application in accordance with the Research Directorate requirements, you can increase the chances of your proposal being accepted to receive a research grant by considering the following:

  1. Preparing a thorough and well written research proposal that addresses topics strongly relevant to the national priorities and proposes novel methods and techniques to solve the issues.
  2. It involves collaboration between local and/or regional and/or international research organizations.
  3. It includes a clear plan for research capacity building for Kuwaiti nationals involved in the research.

We use a list of criteria to determine how much to allocate to each project, and every project is evaluated very carefully and treated fairly. Not to mention that KFAS offers more than just monetary benefits, such as contacting national and international knowledge providers to help you with your project.

To ensure a better service to companies, we leave the matter of nominating candidates to their HR departments, or whoever has the authority to nominate candidates for international training opportunities. Please contact your company's representative with your request to register for one of our events.