As part of our social responsibility and strategy to advocate science, technology and innovation, KFAS offers various sponsorships and funding opportunities for groups, organizations and institutions both from the private and public sector that intend to organize a variety of events, including conferences, workshops, fairs and competitions.

Funding Opportunities - Events

Applying for a sponsorship has never been simpler. We have designed a specific timeline for submitting applications. All application are to be filled and should follow the deadline and the criteria listed in the application form.

Event Date Submission Date Response Date 
January - April October 
May- AugustFebruary 
September - DecemberJune

To download the applications , click on the links below: 

For inquiries contact:


Funding Opportunities - eContent Solutions

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences is pleased to provide funding of eContent systems and solutions for non-profit organizations, encouraging them to use it in an interactively with their target audience.

Admission requirements:

  1. Applications must be received from Kuwait University, private universities and non-profit organizations including international and regional organizations in Kuwait
  2. eContent should be related to science, technology and innovation “STI”.
  3. Projects must be interactive with the targeted audience
  4. Scope Of Work used to get quotations must be submitted
  5. Three copies of technical and financial quotations for the eContent project must be provided
  6. Choose one of the submitted quotations, and provide reasons for choosing it
  7. In case the party requesting the fund will be developing the project from within its organization then one quotation may be submitted.

Applications can be submitted according to the following Time Window:

Letter of Request

Application Form

E-Content presentation

Technical Terminologies Summary in E-Content projects



Private Sector

KFAS works to support the growth of the privates sector's scientific and technological capacities and to play a key role in the construction of a knowledge based economy. One way of achieving this is through the organization of special events aimed at helping private sector participants to develop their scientific, technology, innovation and management capacities. Such events include conferences, workshops or discussion panels, which KFAS either conducts on its own or in partnership with other organizations. To apply fillout the below applications and submit them online to:

To download the applications , click on the links below: 

For inquiries contact: