Categories change every year. The list of categories and topics are announced every year.

Yes, there is a special application form to use if you want to apply for the Kuwait Prize. This can be found at this link Applications should be submitted in English by candidates applying in the field of science and in Arabic for candidates applying in the field of arts, literature and humanities. Application forms for the Scientific Production Prize are also available in Arabic on the KFAS website.

You can nominate yourself directly or be nominated by your employer by providing an affidavit from your employer.

According to the Prize terms and conditions, hard copies are not accepted. Only items sent electronically will be accepted. For further information on how to submit, please refer to condition number 7 of the prizes terms and conditions found at this link.

On the first question, please find a link to the call for the 2016 Prize. On the second question, we are unable to reveal the names of the members of the evaluation committees due to the privacy policy of KFAS.