Mission and Vision


“Stimulate and catalyse the advancement of STI for the benefit of society, research, and enterprise in Kuwait.”


"A thriving culture of science, technology and innovation (STI) for a sustainable Kuwait."

Under the new KFAS 2017-2021 strategy, the foundation has renewed its commitment to play a leading role in supporting efforts to transform the country into a knowledge-driven economy. This will be achieved through investment in human resource development and national projects that provide innovative solutions to challenges of national priority.

This strategy is centered around three main strategic thrust areas:

  1. The first strategic thrust area emphasizes the importance of advocating and fostering science, technology and innovation among the general public, with a particular focus on youth. The programs strive to ignite scientific thinking among the community and deepen their scientific knowledge in driving economic development and enhancing quality of life.
  2. The second strategic thrust area is to enhance research and development in Kuwait, including funding grants for carefully selected scientific research proposals, building the capacity of the research community, and deploying innovative technologies to address national priority areas, such as environment, energy and water.
  3. The third strategic thrust area aims at diversifying the economy by increasing private sector contribution to GDP and employment through supporting its development and growth. The objective is to contribute to the transformation of Kuwait’s economy to an economy that is strongly dependent on the production, distribution and use of knowledge (knowledge-based economy) by strengthening its innovation capabilities and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit using science and technology.

KFAS 2017-2021 Strategy Guide