Director Message

KFAS was established solely to drive progress in all fields of science and technology and inspire the culture of development and innovation. KFAS remains as committed to delivering on the vision of the late Amir, His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, when he established the Foundation back in 1976. The Amir projected that, KFAS efforts, supported by the financial contributions of the private sector, will play a leading role in driving development forward and in making the State of Kuwait a real pioneer in science and technology.

This website is a window to keep you informed on the most important information and data about the Foundation's current and past achievements and what we plan to do in the future. The Foundation implemented its previous ambitious five-year strategy plan and has started implementing the new strategy in 2017 which will continue until 2021. Among the main thrusts of the new Strategy is strengthening cooperation with a number of Kuwait governmental institutions to address priorities of the State of Kuwait in scientific research and development. Another focus is raising public awareness about science education and teaching of science, and promoting and publicizing the dissemination of scientific culture through electronic applications. KFAS dedicated a special focus area to engage the youth and the private sector of Kuwait. Its strategy calls for supporting, encouraging, and strengthening the abilities of the youth and for increasing KFAS’ sponsorship of the private sector through its special programs to promote innovation.

With funding amounting to two million KD, Kuwait has witnessed in 2015 the implementation of two major new pilot projects in the field of renewable energy technology to accelerate the country’s quest towards a more sustainable energy in the future.  Our successful engagement with private sector companies is of utmost importance to us at KFAS and we are proud of it. Over half of the 'Innovation Challenge -2015' projects submitted to KFAS by the ten participating companies, have been either approved for implementation or are currently being positively evaluated for approval.

KFAS recently celebrated the launch of three major new initiatives in 2015. The Al-Sumait Prize for African Development in the fields of health, food security and education is an added value to our annual prize program. This initiative was announced by HH the Amir of The State of Kuwait. It is an annual prize of one million American dollars supervised by the Al-Sumait Prize for African Development Board of Trustees, which includes in its membership Mr. Bill Gates of the Gates Foundation. The Board is mandated to choose from the short listed candidates and present the prizes to the winners.

The second initiative is the Anwar AL-Nouri Prize for best Ph.D. thesis in education in the Arab world. Funded byAnwar Al-Nouri Philanthropic Trustand managed by KFAS, the prize for best Ph.D. thesis in education was announced in November 2015 in all Arab universities.  The cash prize of the prize is $35,000 and $25,000 for first place and second place winners, respectively.

The third initiative reflects our determination to recognize academic excellence by supporting Kuwaiti graduates through internships and research opportunities. KFAS funded six high achieving graduates in the first year of this program. KFAS is also keen to enrich this program by adopting the “Professional Development Initiative” to avail the brightest Kuwaiti graduates opportunities to gain experience in US companies under the supervision of the National United States and Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) and in collaboration with Kuwait Embassy in Washington DC.

On this website, you can follow the various events KFAS sponsors in Kuwait and in the wider Arabian Gulf region. You can also find information on our several pioneering initiatives, including collaboration with the private sector, training, individual development programs, and the educational projects. The site also features information on the prestigious prizes offered by KFAS and intended to celebrate Kuwaiti and Arab scientists and their pioneering achievements, at home and abroad. On this website you can find out how these prizes are awarded and be informed of how to apply to for the prizes.



Dr.Adnan Shihab-Eldin
Director General